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SPC Test Tools

The SPC Test tool is the perfect tool to diagnose faults on your layout or to test new points.

The SPC test tool can be used to activate points while the power isn't connected to the layout, this can help you find the problem by easily backtracking to find the wire or connection that is causing the problem.

We have a range of test tools available to suit your needs.

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SPC Point Motor Alignment Tools 

The SPC Point alignment tool is a great tool to easily install the point motor to the track.

The tool is made on a CNC milling machine to give the best accuracy and to ensure the track and motor are perfectly aligned. 

Simply slide the alignment tool onto the track and it centers the track for you with accuracy and ease. Then following the instructions provided, use the holes provided to drill through and mark out your placement on the base board. 
Then all you need to do it remove the tool and open up the center hole to no more than 5mm.
Then simply use the holes provided to then attach your point underneath the baseboard.

This means when completed the point motor will always be orientated the right way with the track, with a smaller discreet hole for the pin to connect to the track.

This saves you time and is more efficient. We currently supply the SPC alignment tool for 00 gauge and N gauge, for both Seep and Peco points. 

N gauge point alignment tool also provides you with the the holes and markings for you to easily fit your point to the left or right, depending on your preference.

Retro-fit Switching Unit

This SPC adaptor unit called the Retro-fit Switching unit for Solenoid point motors can be used to convert surface mounted twin coil type point motors to the SPC system. The same unit can also convert an existing point motor installation, enabling the SPC system to be fitted to an existing layout without replacing all the point motors.
Using this unit you can convert from a three-wire system onto our two-wire system.

Please note the Retro-fit unit works on DC supply only.(Not to be directly supplied by AC power)

When using this product please also note that there needs to be one retro-fit unit to EVERY point motor.